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Nov 13, 2012 4:30am EST
infrastructure and pay for emergency costs related to the storm. the new york city council is going to vote on a plan today to use half a billion dollars to repair public schools and hospitals. 23 schools and two city-owned hospitals are still closed now two weeks after the storm. in boilers, new electrical systems, roof repairs are on the long list of repairs that need to be fixed. also in new jersey they are going to end the gasoline rationing there. it will remain in place in new york city and long island. they expect to have power restored to 99% of customers by tonight. >>> here's a look at some other things making news at 4:35. the deaths of three children, their uncle and grandmother inside a toledo home appear to abmurder-suicide. the woman's husband called police after he shundz suspicion -- he found suspicious notes in the house. they found a truck running with hoses leading to a car in the garage. investigators believe the grandmother was upset about possibly losing custody of her grandchildren. >>> the awards just keep rolling in for the washington nationals. bryce harper named the n
Nov 16, 2012 4:30am EST
i want accomplishmented by the -- implemented by the city. leading to a potentially interesting consequence. >> if the cultivators are not able to sell their product to the dispensaries waiting for them to open. that means the product they have is going to eventually go up in price. we could possibly end up with the case where the medical marijuana from the dispensaries would be more expensive than what these individuals could find it on the street. >> reporter: matt owns guardian resources of washington. his e-mail address is at >> i think d.c. really dropped the ball. >> reporter: how long will it take to implement the law? when asked last year in july, d.c. health department officials said they expected the law would be in by may of 2012. six months ago. don't hold your breath. gary nuremberg, 9news now. >> you can see the entire video of mr. obama discussing decriminalizing marijuana on our website. just go to >>> okay, 4:53. let's check out the question of the morning now. >> this is it -- these choices are great. what do you think? go to our facebo
Nov 8, 2012 4:30am EST
it's blocking the two lanes there. northbound 95 looks okay out of dale city. but a live look and just beyond this camera shot at mile marker 6, there's an accident blocking two lanes just out of the camera shot. so be aware of that and i'll keep you posted on it. also an accident in maryland, northbound 95 near jessup as well. so be aware of that. let's go back over to our maps this time we'll head over to the north side of town. this time on 270. southbound the lanes are open out of frederick as you head for clarksburg and down to the point where the lanes divide. and a live look one more time outside, here's what it looks like at i-370 you're good to go. back to you guys. >>> the director of the massachusetts pharmacy board has been fired for ignoring a complaint about the company which has been linked to the deadly meningitis outbreak. this was back in july. colorado pharmacy board complained the new england compounding center was shipping drugs in bulk which it's not supposed to do. the director james coffey would respond as soon as possible and nothing was ever done. it sick
Nov 15, 2012 4:30am EST
value. >>> president obama will tour staten island which was the hardest hit borough in the city after hurricane sandy. michael bloomberg had turned him away initially. >>> swallow falls remains closed. the. a total of 11 state parks are closed in the aftermath of sandy. >>> it is 4:34. here's a look at some other things making news. china has a new leader. the state news agency made the announcement this morning. she is the son of a party elder and has been china's vice president for the past five years. as the head of the communist party, he'll lead the second economic power [ inaudible ] israel says the attack in response to a rocket attack from militants into israel. leaders say the air strikes are the beginning of a much broader operation against hamas. palestinian leaders have asked the united nations to take steps to stop israel's military operation. u.n. observer in the territory says israel is guilty of war crimes against the palestinian people. >>> some california drivers in sacramento witnessed a small plane make an emergency landing right on a highway median yesterday
Nov 9, 2012 4:30am EST
underway after sandy. >>> in new york city leaders there are taking steps to reduce the gas lines. beginning today drivers with license plates ending with odd numbers can get fuel. tomorrow it will be people with even numbers that can fill up. only 25% of the gas stations are are open right now. >>> and getting to new york city by rail is still a challenge but amtrak is hoping to have three of its tunnels to new york's penn station back open by tonight. amtrak's goal is to restore all of its service and commuter rail in and out of the station by monday. >>> many of us here across the mid-atlantic are learning some pretty hard lessons after the superstorm. >> our own bruce leshan is living the nightmare, trying to rebuild after a tree nearly destroyed his home. he hopes it will help others. >> i'm learning a lot about how to come back after a huge tree nearly destroyed my home. and i'm hoping what i've learned is going to help some other people. a week ago i lived in a forest of tulip poplars. but all around the neighborhood now, the chainsaws are buzzing, the cranes are lifting th
Nov 14, 2012 4:30am EST
manager. the difference was four points, closest race since 2004. >>> ocean city's mayor says a landmark fishing pier destroyed during hurricane sandy will be rebuilt in time for next summer. a large section of the pier ended up in the ocean. we were showing thu live during our -- you this live during our hurricane sandy coverage. some pilings left standing have since been removed so they don't pose a hazard to boaters. no word yet on exactly how much it will cost to rebuild the pier but it will be back in time for summer fun next year. >>> the final movie in the twilight vampire saga hits theaters friday. earlier this week thousands of screaming fans came out for the premier of the final twilight movie. teresa garcia talked to the stars on the black carpet. >> reporter: more than 2,000 twi hards camped out in los angeles for the premier of the last twilight movie. christian stewart says even though the franchise has come to an end, the passion for twilight will continue. >> hopefully i don't feel like we have to miss it. the movies aren't going anywhere and the love for them definitely
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6